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Many smaller businesses struggle with presenting themselves professionally to the outside world. Although they know their business inside and outside, they have difficulty getting someone else to understand the complete picture of the business and the marketplace they operate in.

Smaller businesses need a clear and concise business plan that is easily understood by those they are wanting to communicate with. It is easy to fall into too much detail and industry jargon which only confuses the audience. On the other hand, not covering all of the relevant aspects leaves the reader with many questions and an incomplete picture of what the business is trying to accomplish.

Tim’s has written numerous business plans, too many to count. His approach has proven itself successful time and again over the many years by tapping into his unique insight into what potential funders and/or clients are looking for. His presentations are clear, concise and convincing.

The target market, obviously, is any business that is struggling with an aspect of their business that is holding them back and keeping them from moving forward. In the Eugene/Springfield area a Google search lists over 20,000 businesses. Everyone of them is facing some sort of obstacle and not all have the resources to overcome them.

Business problems are often complex and do not exist in a vacuum. Solutions are not clear cut and often are a choice between which is the “most right”. Sorting through all the facts, weighing them and then drawing from experience to make the optimal decision requires looking at a problem from many angles. Defining the problem accurately and finding the solution is often not apparent.

Tim’s work experience is unique. He has worked for large corporations and learned why they are successful. He started his own company from scratch and expanded it up and down the West Coast. He faced every obstacle an owner can face including obtaining equity, procuring loans, streamlining operations, assessing the marketplace, devising and implementing a sales strategy, managing multiple locations, negotiated large contracts, and finally the purchase and sale of a company.

This broad, real-world experience distinguishes Tim from other consultants.

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Whether you are in the early stages of creating a business plan, requiring a bank loan, or working through business processes and creating strategies, or needing to analyze your operations to maximize output, or implementing state-of-the-art logistics to expedite equipment flow, Tim Cling has the experience to success.

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About Tim Cling

With over 30 years of business development and operations under his belt, Tim Cling works alongside of you to give you an advantage over your competition.

Tim Cling

With over 30 years of success in business operations and sales, Tim brings the experience to take your company to the next level.

Strategic Business Planning and Execution

Tim Cling has the experience managing and guiding the operations of profit and non-profit agencies alike.

For organizations from 1 – 10,000 employees, clear communication of sometimes difficult concepts, standards, and change is his forte. His over 30 years experience in operational organization, financial negotiations, personnel management works as a plumb line toward your success.

Tim is also proven in sales development, from capturing and maintaining key accounts to selecting and leading an effective sales force. No matter what your industry, Tim can shed light on sales and operations to find sustainable solutions toward your organization’s success.


Hear about what others say about Tim and his services:

Tim and his company provide excellent customer service! Even ifa problem arises, they take care of it immediately! I would recommend their service to anyone!

Patricia Conner, Hospitality Industry

Tim is a detailed oriented focused professional that I would recommend to anyone.

Doug Baudler, Sales Leadership

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