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Fishing for a Business Loan?

Business Funding Consulting

Do you want a loan to launch a new product, expand your workforce, or upgrade equipment?

Business loans offer leverage to get your idea off the ground. For those who qualify, a business loan can provide your company liquidity within a few days.

We can set you up for a win by preparing for your loan application in advance and researching all the options available for your industry. We will carefully review with you the various types of debt, making it possible to decide on the risks that are well worth the rewards.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Funding

Good Reasons for a Business Loan

  • Expansion of your current operation
  • Equipment purchases to increase capacity
  • Working capital to balance cash in against cash out
  • Emergency line of credit for that rainy day
  • Startup funding to get the business off the ground
  • Developing a new business line

Poor Reason for a Business Loan

  • Rescuing an unprofitable business – If you are faced with this dilemma, that is a good reason to contact us to get help turning around your business into one where you can get a loan for all the good reasons.

Asking for funds at these times can almost guarantees a rejection. Either from a changing business landscape or internal organizational changes, many businesses hit the wall and find their profits slipping. Unprofitability usually derives from a variety of internal and external factors, but most of the time it is a culmination of many of these factors combined. It is far more useful to expediently identify processes to improve cost efficiencies and create strategic and sustainable solutions before seeking funding.

Funding Experience Counts

We have procured numerous loans and lines of credit (too many to count). In the first year of a start-up business, we acquired a bank loan to purchase equipment which was  leveraged by expanding into a second market. From there we expanded and financed the company into 12 markets utilizing creative equity, bank loans and lines of credit.

From the first $20,000 loan up to the later ones which were over $5 million, we understand
what lenders are looking for and what a company needs to do in order to get adequate financing.

Fix the Aches & Pains of Business Growth

At Cling Consulting we will be there with you every step of the way from the initial information gathering to the presentation of your business plan. Our approach will be to start by analyzing your business to get all the relevant information in order to obtain the funding you need. We will determine the strengths and weaknesses of your request, recommend the proper funding stream, and work hand-in-hand with you to prepare a compelling business plan. Finally, if appropriate, we will side-by-side with you for the presentation to the funder.

If funding is getting in the way of you growing your business take advantage of Tim Cling’s free one-hour consultation.

One-Hour Consultation Free!

Gain a straightforward assessment of your business for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first hour is free. We use it to determine if we are a good fit for you and you are a good fit for us. If we both agree to move forward we will provide you an estimate total based on our hourly rate.

It depends on how well prepared you are. One of the quickest loan packages we produced was for a couple who were starting a business. They had research on the industry they wanted to work in, knew the operating costs and associated rate sheet for their service, and client relationships already established. It took us one day to prepare the loan package which launched their new venture. Of course, this was an exception. The time consuming phase is working with you to gather the pertinent facts in order to clearly and completely tell your story. Normally, this can be completed in a few days.
Of course, we cannot guarantee a loan. The decision ultimately rests with the person making the loan. However, some of the best insight you can gain on how to successfully get a loan is from the lender themselves. They make money by lending and are motivated to do so.

If you do not qualify for a loan, a good conversation with the lender will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to satisfy their reluctance. So far, even if we have not been successful in helping a business get a loan, we have been 100% successful with the second request based on the information we received from the first request.

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