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Is Landing a Sale an Arduous Climb?

Sales & Marketing

People make decisions every day to purchase or, maybe more importantly, not to purchase. What in the consumer’s decision process makes them choose someone else’s product over yours? You may advertise again and again and not get the results you desire. What makes your potential consumers choose the other company even if they are aware of yours?

Tap into the Mindset of Your Potential Customers

Sales and marketing work differently for different products and services. Selling a car versus selling cleaning services have different processes and require different steps. We dig deeper to get into your potential client base to help you and your team build steps that anticipates your potential client’s needs.

Also we help you focuses on creating customer value, loyalty and trust through brand messaging and developing a service mindset with your staff. A business with this outlook creates a positive and indelible impression in the eyes of  customer’s and prospect’s mind.

Great sales and marketing transcends just getting the word out. It taps into the mindset of potential customers and steers them to you. Finding the right message and the right way to deliver the message is what distinguishes you from the competition.

Sales & Marketing Mentorship Counts

While working with a division of a national distribution company, we developed a sales strategy which resulted in a 17% sales gain in the first year. Over the next 5 years the division we worked with grew at an annual rate of 20%, far in excess of the 5% the rest of the company experienced.

Working with a local agency, we rescued a fledgling division which was about to be shut down and doubled the revenue in a year. How we did it was to understand how they were missing the market and getting the message to the right people. It is now the leading sales and most profitable division in the company.

Focus on Business Growth

Is there that one account you really would like to land? Or is there a new line of business you would like to pursue? Or maybe there is one branch of your business that is not doing as well as the others. How about the toughest one of all: How do I get my first order?

At Cling Consulting we have overcome every one of these obstacles. Take advantage of our years of experience and learn how to connect with clients in a meaningful way.

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